Out of the Shadows

A core group from Epilepsy Tasmania, Hobart worked together to produce artwork which represents the following: Epilepsy being unmasked in the community to reduce stigma and promote acceptance. The image incorporates participants' experience of the actual process of physical tests for example E.E.G, Neuro conductor studies and synapses monitoring. It depicts emotions that tell of living with conditions such as isolation, loneliness, misunderstanding and the daily impact of epilepsy such as triggers including heat, flashing lights, tiredness and stress. Participants have found various responses to epilepsy in the community both negative and positive- this is represented by the movement throughout the design.
Created byjan janssen Tasmania
TypeSignal Box Art
AddressHarrington Street & Liverpool Street, Hobart
More informationhttps://www.urbansmartprojects.com/gallery/2744